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Brilliant sun-sets across fields and vineyards; lookouts, walks and cycle trails will inspire you to seek more of Light Region’s story. Stories of characters, innovation, industry and natural resources.

Kapunda Heritage Mine Site Trail

Trails and walks traverse the regions history and heritage. Learn of and walk in the tracks of influencers such as Sir Sidney Kidman and St Mary MacKillop.

Explore and walk in and around the heritage Kapunda Copper Mine Site. Discover the Pines Conservation Reserve, take a picnic and enjoy the short trails and learning about the history of the early supply of water to Kapunda with the hand dug reservoir, waterways and restored heritage structures there to discover. 

The significant history of the Light Region to South Australia will introduce you to a range of year round activities that include celebrated trails such as the Mawson, Heysen and Kidman. Exploring cemeteries, heritage buildings and sites and attending themed events.

Cycle a section of the Mawson Trail which is designed for mountain bike or sturdy touring bike use; it passes through the world-famous Barossa wine region into Kapunda.

The renowned Heysen Trail has been designed to cater for both the serious backpacker walking the complete trail, and for the day walker who might choose to do short walks along different sections of the trail with sections passing through the beautiful Barossa Valley and Light Region at Kapunda.

The Kidman trail is proudly named after Sir Sidney Kidman, a prominent local pastoralist and horse breeder. Kidman was a pioneer of his time with unparalleled forethought in business and interminable community spirit. The Kidman Trail is a multi-use horse riding, cycling and walking trail providing a scenic trail that highlights the natural beauty, cultural history and major points of interest starting or ending in Kapunda.

Sit and take your picture in the actual film set bath tub from McLeod’s Daughters in Freeling; tour the grounds of the famous Analaby Station only 20 minutes from Kapunda.  Relax in the parks and gardens found within Light Regions townships.


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